I specialise in helping guitarists learn what they need to play the way they want...

I help them overcome any issues they're having, 

build effective practice habits, 

provide structure and accountability 


If you're still struggling with a lack of progress on guitar,

over-thinking and overwhelmed

or not knowing how or what to practice…

Listen up.

Because I want to show you how you can finally NOT feel those things anymore and get your guitar playing on track! 

I want to help YOU overcome any issues you're having…

So that you can become the guitar player you've dreamed of being. 

I've helped: 

🤟Anxious bedroom guitarists build “rockstar confidence" 

🤟Stressed out, frustrated guitar players become “Zen” calm...

🤟People practice more efficiently and grow almost effortlessly…

🤟Improve guitar players self-esteem and help them build confidence…

🤟Make guitar practice become fun and something guys actually want to do…

From bedroom players and casual hobbyists, right through to music-school students and professional musicians, I've had the honour and privilege to be play a part in their musical journeys.


"Jimmy is a fantastic guitar teacher and all round top bloke.

I first took lessons with him after having around a 10 year break … I developed plenty of bad habits, which Jimmy quickly identified and helped me fix. This really kickstarted my progress on the instrument again and allowed me to make great progress towards my goals.

Jimmy’s extensive experience as a gigging and recording guitar player give him an excellent background to offer general advice in addition to musical tuition.

I would not hesitate to recommend him to guitar players of all ages and experiences who want to improve and enjoy the instrument to the fullest."

Alex K. Salisbury, UK (Fave bands: Killswitch Engage Gojira, Periphery)


"Tried a few local teachers but never really clicked with any of them before someone recommended Jimmy to me. I got on with Jimmy straight away, He's patient ,helpful and his positive attitude rubs off on students and their playing.

I would not hesitate to recommend Jimmys teaching to anyone wanting to start playing or improve."

Paul.  Southampton, UK (Learning to play like: Iron Maiden, Metallica)


"I went to Jimmy as a complete novice.

I have progressed loads in the few months I have had Jimmy as a teacher.

Alongside teaching me how to play, Jimmy has helped boost my confidence to play in front of others and has a wealth of knowledge and also resources that he is happy to share."

Alex P. Worcester. UK (Rock, Punk, Metal guitarist)


As well as teaching my guitar students to play better, 

I help them build rock-solid confidence in themselves. 

Because trust me, people take you way more seriously as a guitarist when they can hear that you don’t sound insecure as you play.

With confidence, the notes sound way more articulate, assertive even and you can express yourself fully musically with no inhibitions. 

People around you will love what you’re playing, even if they don’t recognise the song and even if you hit a bum-note! 

And of course if you have rock-solid confidence in yourself and your own playing, that peace of mind means you won’t care what others think anyway! 

These huge leaps in confidence, ability and enjoyment happen when I share with my students an understanding that rocks their world (in a good way!) 

This understanding is achieved by learning the most important guitar lesson of all time…


*Now that might sound a bit too easy or overly simplistic. But that’s the beauty of it!*

So before you buy another guitar course 

or book 

or app

or waste more hours on YouTube searching for the next video to help you 

(and get totally distracted from actually practicing guitar)

why not find out more about this new, exciting approach to learning guitar that I can show you? 

You’ll make WAY more progress each month than you have on your own for ages!

It's been an absolute game changer in helping people get “unstuck" 

I will change the way you think about guitar practice and and can totally transform your guitar playing right now...

Or not. Up to you…

Nothing changes. Your guitar playing stays the same and you give up on your dreams once again…


"I started taking lessons with Jimmy as I wanted to improve my playing generally and get tighter.
I have improved a lot. My timing has got much better and my soloing and riffs have come on a long way.

A big thing for me is that my confidence has improved. Before I started taking lessons, I used to dread practicing as it didnt sound good. I thought about giving up...

Now, I’m  glad I didn’t! 

Sam Dando, Southampton. UK (influences: Slipknot, Korn)



For me, two of the key ingredients Jimmy provides are Skills Coaching and Mentoring. The latter of these is often overlooked and undervalued, but, in terms of motivation it is indispensable.

Having face to face time with an expert, who takes a personal interest in your progress and achievement, is just not something you can’t  get from Youtube "


Martin D, Chandlers Ford. UK Founder of Hampshire Guitar Club


I'm a friendly, patient, experienced and enthusiastic guitar teacher . 

I've taught hundreds of people from Southampton to play guitar and even more recently online across the globe! 

For over 20 years I've supported the learning and skillset development of my students. 

I'm a passionate advocate of personal development and continue to hone my own skills and improve my knowledge of different styles as a live and studio session guitar player. 

I had ZERO natural talent, could not read or write music, tried to teach myself guitar in the past, didn't know where to start and was totally stuck in a rut with my guitar playing. 

Despite all this, with hard work and the help of the RIGHT teachers and coaches, I've gone on to be a guitar teacher and professional musician who's written and recorded music, played live for almost 30 years with bands and am working on creating a varied library of music for use in TV/Film, Youtube videos etc 

Aside from my vast experience as a teacher and player , my other qualifications Include:

  • Grade 8 rock guitar 
  • Grade 5 music theory 
  • Performing arts, rock, pop and jazz music performance diplomas.

So you're in safe hands! 

”I have tried 2 other local teachers and had no connection with them which I find makes you nervous and stunts growth as a guitarist. I didn't feel I was evolving and struggled with the method of teaching that was being used. So I looked on the Internet for a well rated, professional, very patient teacher and Jimmy came up at the top. Jimmy is relaxed, patient and an exceptional player.
He has showed me an easier way then previously told in much quicker time which makes great value for money.
I'm definitely more confident and more knowledgeable.
I wouldn't go anywhere else for lessons now!!” 

Darren Smith. Southampton, UK


"Jimmy has been improving my guitar playing…even my wife recognises the songs I'm playing now haha!

Jimmy is an excellent guitar teacher using your favourite music to teach theory and technique. Jimmy has been both thoughtful and extremely helpful by providing well structured mentoring and coaching.  

Not only that but Jimmy is a really good bloke with a great sense of humour and certainly has improved my confidence.

I have no hesitation in recommending Jimmy to anyone wanting to learn to play guitar 

To guitarists wanting to improve your technique…contact Jimmy, you will not be disappointed!"

Ian. Romsey, UK


Guitar Lessons in Southampton

Personal 1 on 1 guitar training. 

2 x 90 min guitar lessons per month plus unlimited support

Monthly  £127 

3 Monthly £299 (save £82)

6 Monthly £599 (save £163)

12 Monthly £999 (save £525) 


Remote Guitar Lessons

Learn from your own home

2x 90 min guitar lessons per month with unlimited support and weekly accountability checks to keep you focused and motivated! 

Plus I review recordings of your playing so that you can make progress between lessons!

Monthly £97.50

Jimmys Guitar Gym!

Guided Guitar practice Sessions

Give your practicing the structure and focus it needs!

All the drills, exercises and great guitar workouts to get your playing, practicing and guitar progress into the best possible shape!

Practice along with me as we cover all the elements of a great guitar practice session with a different focus each week to make you into the musician you dream of being.

Simple gamechangers for guitar

Before you go...

I've got free audio lesson for you...

Perhaps something a bit different to what you usually do or what you'll find out there on the interwebs....

Simple things...

that are SO important

Yet, often overlooked.

If you apply these basic principles during practice, you WILL see a difference in your playing !

When you've got 10mins, check it out