My first live show since 2018.

I played my first gig of 2023 last Friday

It was a long old drive from Southampton to Stoke and back on the same day

To play just 30 mins of music to an almost empty venue,

Not earning enough money to even cover fuel costs

I was sweating like a turkey at Christmas in my mask and stage gear under the hot lights!

The onstage sound was the absolute worst I’ve experienced in almost 30 years of playing

I played the entire gig by muscle memory as the sound was soooo bad!

The sound out front wasn’t much better either, but the punters…(all 6 of them!) seemed to enjoy it

And ya know what?


I did too.


Despite the absolute shit-show I’ve just described

I had fun.

And that’s the number one reason why I play.

Coz I bloody love it.



Whilst it was like a baptism by fire for my first gig back

I’ve still learned a lot from doing it.

There’s lessons to be had, even in the worst scenarios

And ESPECIALLY in the worst scenarios

When things are…well, a bit shit…

Remember why you picked up the guitar in the first place

Marinate in your favourite music,

Soak in some of your favourite songs on a playlist you’ve created

And pick up the guitar and play even when and especially when you’re struggling and don’t want to.


Have fun!




P.S one of my many musical projects is The Injester. Check them out here.

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