Phenomenal Fundamentals: Timing.

The best players focus their guitar practice around phenomenal fundamentals.  

The foundation of ALL technique (not just rhythm guitar but lead stuff too)

is great timing.

​​​​​​​Yet it is often the least practiced skill I see when guys come for lessons. 

Some players know they need to work on building their awareness of timing,

which, of course is a skill that you can practice like any other.

One beat, bar, riff or song at a time! 

However, there are others that think timing will just take care of itself...


Have you ever been so engrossed in doing something

that time absolutely flew by?

watching TV, gaming, or, hey...even guitar practice! 

And, then...other times,

the minutes and hours seem to dragggggg. 

Usually when we're bored, at a loose end or doing something we can't be arsed with.

Have you ever been driving and can't remember bits of the journey...

It's like you've like you've been on autopilot! 

Or those times when you're doing something so enjoyable,

like meeting up with a friend or attending an event you've been looking forward to... 

Time almost seems to speed up! 

Well..all of the above are really good indicators,


Listen, to play guitar or any musical instrument for that matter, 

You MUST master timing.

You've gotta be able to ​​​​​​​feel the groove...not just think about it. 

Once you can feel the underlying pulse and play bang on the beat...

Then you can go on autopilot. 

Having a ROCK SOLID sense of timing not only means you'll instantly sound good...

BUT it also means you'll truly understand rhythms, strumming patterns and know where you are in the bar at any given moment. 

Without rock-solid timing, our rhythms sounds messy.

Without rhythm, our music would just sound like disorganised noise! 

And I dunno about you, but I like my rock music to sound rock-solid! 

The more we consciously practice developing our sense of timing, 

the better everything we play will sound. 

I'm not going to give you a "Ten-Tips for better timing"

Although I like the sound of that!

No, no. Today's lesson is a simple one. 

Not easy...but simple.

Make a habit of using a metronome, drum beat or backing track every time you practice and commit to it.

EVERY time you practice! 

Make sure you're ALWAYS tapping your foot, nodding (or banging!) your head along to the beat as you play. 

Remember that every note, or chord you play is it’s own little event in time...

and should BE in time! 

BE CONSISTENT if only for a few minutes each day 

and you’ll be surprised how much better your picking, strumming and general rhythm playing will improve.

Practice this way for another week or so until it starts to become a HABIT.

Remember to stay focused and don’t get distracted.

Get in charge of your brain as you train your guitar playing. 

and don't rely on your mind to keep time. 





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