I asked AI to teach me guitar...

I've been playing around with ChatGPT

You know, that AI chatbot that's going to improve our lives

but then steal all our jobs...

Hope you can detect the sarcasm there folks...

The thing about AI is that it is literally learning new ways every day to help people 

So, as a guitar teacher ....

how the hell do I compete with that?!

Where are the opportunities for one-to-one lessons in the future?

What happens to guitar teachers like me in the years to come!? 

I decided to ask it some questions...

How do I improve my guitar playing?

( I know, I know... REALLY obvious question...)

In under 10 seconds,

it had spewed out these 10 responses...

  1. Practice regularly. Set aside time every day to practice playing at your current speed. Gradually increase the tempo as you become more comfortable.
  2. Focus on accuracy. Make sure each note is played cleanly and precisely before increasing the tempo. Playing accurately at a slower speed will make it easier to play quickly.
  3. Use a metronome. Practicing with a metronome will help you keep time and increase your accuracy. Start with a tempo that is just slightly above your current speed and gradually increase it over time.
  4. Break down the licks. Break it down into smaller sections and practice each one individually. Then put the sections back together at a slower tempo and gradually increase the tempo over time.
  5. Focus on technique. Make sure your playing technique is efficient. This will allow you to play faster without sacrificing accuracy or comfort.”
  6. Practice playing songs using techniques you have learned
  7. Develop your knowledge of Music Theory (scales and soloing techniques) 
  8. Find a good teacher online or online tutorials to guide you through the learning process
  9. Listen to guitar players you admire and try to incorporate these techniques into your playing
  10. Have fun enjoy the process

Sigh, oh well, I was expecting more given all the hype 

I don't think from those responses,

I'm going to be out of business anytime soon.  

Whilst there's some good answers here 

All of them are as generic as your typical google search from 2002!

Which again, goes to show that most of the time..

We already know what we should be doing! 


Common sense is not common practice.  

Knowing more stuff

is not the same as actually doing.

There's consistent work that has to go in... 

that no amount of knowledge can replace. 

I know we’re only scratching the surface

of what it's going to be capable of years ahead.

Some guitar teachers are nervous that advanced AI will one day take their job

Not me.

I predict that expert teachers will become irreplaceable in the future.

AI will make guitar teachers like me up our games and become better at truly connecting with our students. 


Often, I hear the words, “God, I hate you!”

and it’s followed by a beaming smile of gratitude from a student sat in front of me 

who's about to have a massive breakthrough with their guitar playing.

Because I've pushed them beyond what they THOUGHT they were capable of. 

No AI can do that.

The most important skill of any great teacher or coach or mentor

is to help you push beyond your comfort zone...

and often past it to see what you're REALLY capable of.

Yep, robots, automation and AI will continue to make our lives easier in many different ways

and totally creep us out.

But only a human is able to truly connect with you.

Correct your guitar playing in real-time and

do it with a smile and have a laugh (and sometimes cry!) with you.

Look, if you're looking to upgrade your guitar skills then yeah...

AI, just like all the other online resources can help.  

But if you want to upgrade your skills,

AND knowledge,

AND mindset,

AND get goal clarity,

AND get instant feedback 

AND have great relationship-based not robot-based connection where you are truly listened to and understood...

Then working with a real human will always be the number one way to learn.




"I use a huge amount of internet resources in pursuit of my guitar hobby - but still, always look forward to my weekly lesson with Jimmy. There’s something about face to face lessons that just can’t be satisfied by even the best video lesson.

For me, two of the key ingredients Jimmy provides are Skills Coaching and Mentoring. The latter of these is often overlooked and undervalued, but, in terms of motivation it is indispensable.

Jimmy’s calm tutoring, explanation and encouragement has most definitely helped me to keep my frustrations in perspective and gradually overcome the early hurdles. 

Skills require coaching and (lots of) practice, and for these to be done in way that is tailored to the individual. Lastly, it has to be enjoyable.

Jimmy has always taken the time to assess what my particular needs are and to help me understand them better myself. His mentoring has also encouraged me to strive for a bit more than I would have settled for.

Jimmy has really helped give my enthusiasm proper direction in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Having face to face time with an expert, who takes a personal interest in your progress and achievement, is just not something you can't get from Youtube "

Martin D, Founder of Hampshire Guitar Club. 

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