Show me yours...I wanna see it!

Your schedule for guitar practice this week that is!

What did you think I meant!?

What's that?

You don't even have a weekly practice schedule?

Benjamin Franklin said,

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail

or... as the old British Army adage goes,

“Proper preparation and planning prevents piss-poor performance"

I like that one!

Anyway, soldier...your mission this week should you be brave enough to accept it is this:

Create your own practice schedule and stick to it for 7 whole days!


Here's some examples of other Students schedules...



Obviously yours will be different and unique to you but you can use these for inspiration. 

Once you've broken down what you're going to practice for the week, make sure you stick to it and the allocated times for each practice item...( I always use a timer....a cool boxing one!)

Alternatively, you could always decide on the day...

is this gonna be as effective?

Maybe, Maybe not.

Try both. It's not set in stone and it's not even a permanent thang necessarily, we are testing to see what's gonna work for you. 

For some, they decide on the day what they want to practice...

But I've found for myself and most of my students

that planning ahead is powerful.

See, for things like eating/ prepping meals,

if I don't plan ahead -

I always end up eating the WRONG FOOD AT THE WRONG TIME e.g. crappy food right before I go to bed!

Result: I feel like a failure and I get fatter! 

But whatever works for you.

Choice is yours.

if you STILL don't know what sort how to practice effectively 

try these 5 thing out:


1) Who or what's your inspiration? Get fired up and inspired: Make a list of all new songs (could be 10,20...30!) that you want to either learn in their entirety or simply to "study" them for your own ideas. Then get to work! I use this at least once a week.  

2) What Technique do you need to work on?: . What needs fixing? Do you even know what needs fixing? or if it needs fixing in the first place? Experiment by recording yourself regularly and noticing where you make the most mistakes. Then drill it. 

3) Routine. Get into the habit of consistent, daily practice.. even if it's 5 minutes a day! Pick up the geetar and tick one thing off that list that you wanna do. Trick yourself too. Say " i am only going to do this for 5 mins..." But i bet you end up nearly always doing more!

4) Set yourself ONE goal/project for the next 90 days. Big or small- doesn't matter what it is...The thing is to just do it!

5) Learn ONE NEW THING everyday or try out different styles or things that are out of your comfort zone. Not things you really can't stand but things that are different, interesting, exciting and new for you. 


Let me know how you're getting on!




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