Worst Guitar Advice...ever.

If you wanna improve your playing or you’re just starting out on guitar, who better to to go to than the guys that are actually doing it?!


Well, I wish that was the case…but it ain't always so…


I’ve seen “famous” players giving out TERRIBLE advice. 


Some of it is can be so confusing for students and just plain wrong when it comes to learning music.


I think that the distinction needs to made that a great player does NOT mean they’re a great teacher !


There are some really accomplished guitarists, who can play EXTREMELY well who don’t necessarily know exactly how they’re doing what they’re doing, let alone explain it or know how to teach it to others.


Now, I don’t think any less of these players, and people we look up to can be wrong sometimes.


We’re all allowed to disagree with each other  (not just about music, guitar but life in general!)


I can think that some of these players shouldn’t be teaching guitar or offering advice but I can still love their playing and music.


Hey, if you disagree with some of the things I post too…good!!!


I’m less interested in being right or winning an argument and more interested in helping people solve their problems.


Bruce Lee said it best: “absorb what is useful, disregard what is useless and add what is specifically your own”


When it comes to finding out what works for YOU on guitar, I completely agree…


Todays lesson is to know you can’t always take advice, even from your favourite players.


It won’t always be 100% correct or even relevant for you.


Always think critically for yourself and be a well rounded musician and person!


Happy Practicing!




P.S: Don’t doubt yourself. If something is working for you and if it’s sounds good to you…

Then it’s all good!

I see so many students with option anxiety, paralysis by analysis and just generally overwhelmed with the sheer amount of “advice” out there.

But, if you’re onto a winner with how you practice and you're getting results...

Good! Keep it up!

However, if you’d like some help with that, or know someone else that does, we should talk…

Get in touch and let's talk about getting your guitar playing to where you want it to be.

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