Sorry (not sorry) to say...

No one really cares about how fast you can sweep pick arpeggios.  

No one cares about how many BPM you can blaze up and down a scale at. 

No one's jaw's hitting the floor when you play those quick licks...

Those things don't actually impress anyone. 

Other than maybe 13 year old boys 

How I've managed to land a LOT of gigs in many bands and, more recently, recording work in studios, 

All comes down to GREAT TIMING.

By that I mean... literally putting myself in the right place, right time...

Also, in terms of being punctual 

(yes, it's true what they say about musician timing...flakey fuckers!)

But, most importantly, 

being a rock-solid rhythm player

other than that.... being a bloody nice bloke to deal with and not being an egotistical dickhead 

Look, whether you yourself wanna join a band, 

or jam with your mates

Impress your family and friends whilst playing along to your favourite songs, 

Or feel like you're really nailing it when you play...

Unless you're already a human metronome...

You'll NEED to work on your timing.

We ALL do. 

When I practice I think of myself primarily as a rhythm guitarist who can also play lead when needed.

I love playing solos, don't get me wrong...

and even if ALL you wanna do is the noodley improvising thing or shredding solos til your fingertips burn off, 

you STILL need to have great timing.

It is essential to a solid foundation of technique and ensures that you can play confidently and effectively in any musical context.

Here's five things that should be part of your regular rhythm guitar practice: 

  1. If you practice nothing else...Make sure you're working on your TIMING by always practicing to a metronome, drum beat, backing track or by playing along to the song you're learning. If you're not doing this, you're not really practicing END OF!  
  2. Don't neglect strumming! All rhythms and grooves originally came from strumming and this is the most basic technique used. Keep even-strums, playing and creating different patterns and grooves and be aware of where you are in the bar and even a single beat . THIS is a fundamental skill you've gotta get down. (and up!) 
  3. Downpicking and Palm muting: As it's better know,,,the chug. The most basic (and coolest sound) rock and metal technique to get down if you want to create a tight, aggressive rhythm sound. Never skip CHUG day! 
  4. Alternate picking:  Essential for almost everything on guitar. Think of this as the mini-version of strumming that will allow you to play faster, more complex rhythms and solos.
  5. Record yourselves! , ONLY then can you listen back and be truly objective about whether you're REALLY able to lock in with the song or if you're all over the show like a pissed seaside donkey.


Hope that's been educational and entertaining as always.

Any questions, get in touch and I'll help ya out.





How's your playing going for you right now for you? 

If you're struggling with: 

* Creating a practice routine

* Lack of structure, discipline or motivation to practice 

* Scheduling guitar practice in the first place 

I'm creating something that you might be interested in. 

If you'd like to know more, let's chat. Here's a link to my online calendar so you can book yourself in for a 20 min phone or Zoom call.

Whatever you decide to do have an awesome day! 

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