Another Guitar Lesson "from the road"

Todays email is another

“lesson from the road”

literally a lesson I learned…from the road.

As in laying on the tarmac after a Motorbike crash

back in 2016.

Not gonna lie, it was painful. Physically and mentally.

It was when I was doing my bike training which I didn’t finish due to the aforementioned spill.

It shit me up quite a bit and, whilst I love old bobbers and choppers

I’ll stick with 4 wheels for now

However, it taught me many lessons.

But for today I’ll stick with just this one…


‘Where the head goes, the body (and bike!) follows’


Unfortunately for me, my head was facing one of Hampshires highways just before I went skidding along, narrowly avoiding just everything in my path!

Anyway, back to the lesson…

Where the head goes, the body follows…


If we tell ourselves, in our heads…


“I’m not gonna be able to do X”


“I’m too old for X”


“I’ll never get to do X”


Well, you can be sure-as-shit that the thing will or won’t happen.


BECAUSE wherever our heads (mind/thoughts etc) go…

We'll take subconscious actions to make that manifest as reality.

So whether it’s your daily guitar practicing

where your thoughts make you tense up whilst playing


Listening to songs you love but you’re always thinking

“I’ll never be able to play like that”


Dreaming of some big guitar goals

but deciding in advance you’re not good enough to achieve them


Thinking of joining a band, jamming with others

but you keep thinking your skills aren’t up to scratch and it’ll be embarrassing.


Writing and recording your own tunes but you have no clue where to start

and think you’re not creative enough


Stop sabotaging your own happiness.


I want you to think  ‘fuck it’

and then start thinking to yourself

what you CAN do


What you COULD do


Think about what you truly could be capable of.


Think of the guitar player you could become…


Don’t be the dude who’s telling himself

“it can’t be done”

before you’ve even really fucking tried.

Trust me, I was the king of self-sabotage and over the years I stopped myself from doing some really cool stuff and have missed some great opportunities because I used to tell myself stupid stories.


Be mindful of what you tell yourself and letting that negative part of the mind decide what you can and can’t do;


because, either way,


your brain and body will find a way of making it happen…


One way leads to “crashing”


The other way is awesome



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