Become Rock-Solid in 2 weeks!

Sorry chaps,

I've just realised that the subject line sounds a bit like a email advertising dodgy Viagra haha!

Here's a challenge for the next couple of weeks

First off, check this video out…

(Try not to get too distracted by the dancing ladies!)

You don’t have to view the whole vid

but pay attention to what the mighty Mick Mars can hear in his In-Ear Monitor Mix.

  1. A nice, clear audible click track. (Metronome)
  2. A bit of vocal
  3. A faint bit of stage mix/ other instruments
  4. His own guitar

We’re going to utilise a similar approach to help you develop a rock-solid sense of TIMING, awareness of where you are in the bar/song.

First. I’m going to give you some advice when it comes to practicing this way. Something everyone seems to ignore! But….



You’re not going to be playing along to the song,

you’re going to be using a metronome or a straight drum beat (if appropriate)


1.Make sure you have memorised the parts and songs you’re practicing first. This is very important.

2. Take the songs you’re working on. Find out the BPM of each song.  Set the metronome to a slower tempo if you need to, This will give you more control over your playing and…just do it anyway as everyone skips this step haha!

3. LITERALLY count along with the beat, out loud or in your head. Tap your foot in time with the beat. Feel it.

4. Focus on synchronisation: As you play, pay close attention to exactly how YOUR playing aligns with the metronome clicks. Aim to strike each note or chord simultaneously with the click, making sure they are perfectly synchronised. Again, SLOW down if you need to.  Remember, it's more important to play accurately than to play fast.

5. Record and evaluate: Record yourself practicing to the metronome/drum beat and listen back objectively to assess your performance. This feedback will help you identify specific areas to focus on in future practice sessions.

6. Be Patient. Be Consistent.  Improving all this takes time, patience and consistent practice.  Improve your focus and your awareness and over time, you WILL notice significant improvement. I absolutely guarantee it.

7. Use this approach 2-3 times a week over the next 2 weeks. 

Build this awareness SLOWLY. One bar or bit of the song at a time…That’s it. Rinse and repeat.

Have FUN ;) Enjoy the process of becoming a ROCK-SOLID player!

See ya soon


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