Short on time? Guitar Practice Session Idea...

Here's a powerful guitar practice session idea to implement if you're short on time. 

It'll give you much more bang for your buck than noodling, keep you focused and making progress. 

You can adapt this to be around either:


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What MOST YouTube Guitar "Teachers" Get Wrong

Don't get me wrong...there are some GREAT guitar teachers on Youtube. 

However, as with anything on the inter-webs,

there's a lot of other stuff to sift through sometimes to get to the good stuff.

AND, I see some guitar teachers…

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I asked AI to teach me guitar...

I've been playing around with ChatGPT

You know, that AI chatbot that's going to improve our lives

but then steal all our jobs...

Hope you can detect the sarcasm there folks...

The thing about AI is that it is literally…

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Phenomenal Fundamentals: Timing.

The best players focus their guitar practice around phenomenal fundamentals.  

The foundation of ALL technique (not just rhythm guitar but lead stuff too)

is great timing.

​​​​​​​Yet it is often the least practiced skill I see when guys come…

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My first live show since 2018.

I played my first gig of 2023 last Friday

It was a long old drive from Southampton to Stoke and back on the same day

To play just 30 mins of music to an almost empty venue,

Not earning enough…

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