If you're still struggling with lack of progress on guitar, over-thinking, and not knowing how or what to practice…

Listen up.

Because I want to show you how you can finally NOT feel those things any more and get your guitar playing on track. 

My focus is always on training my guitar students with everything they need to play the way they want...

From bedroom players, casual hobbyists, music-school students right through to professional musicians, I've had the honour and privilege to be a part of their musical journeys too.

I wanna help YOU overcome any issues, build effective practice habits, learn the right things in the right order whilst having fun playing guitar!

Since 2011, I have been helping:

🤟Anxious bedroom guitarists become strong, “rockstar confident" 

🤟Stressed out, frustrated guitar players become “Zen” calm...

🤟People practice more efficiently as I watch them grow effortlessly…

🤟Build self-esteem and grow resilience…

🤟Make guitar practice become fun and something guys actually want to do…

"Jimmy is a fantastic guitar teacher and all round top bloke.

I first took lessons with him after having around a 10 year break … I developed plenty of bad habits, which Jimmy quickly identified and helped me fix. This really kickstarted my progress on the instrument again and allowed me to make great progress towards my goals.

Jimmy’s extensive experience as a gigging and recording guitar player give him an excellent background to offer general advice in addition to musical tuition.

I would not hesitate to recommend him to guitar players of all ages and experiences who want to improve and enjoy the instrument to the fullest."

Alex K. Salisbury, UK (Fave bands: Killswitch Engage Gojira, Periphery)

"Tried a few local teachers but never really clicked with any of them before someone recommended Jimmy to me. I got on with Jimmy straight away, He's patient helpful and his positive attitude rubs off on students and their playing.

I would not hesitate to recommend Jimmys teaching to anyone wanting to start playing or improve."

Paul.  Southampton, UK (Learning to play like: Iron Maiden, Metallica)

"I went to Jimmy as a complete novice.

I have progressed loads in the few months I have had Jimmy as a teacher.

Alongside teaching me how to play, Jimmy has helped boost my confidence to play in front of others and has a wealth of knowledge and also resources that he is happy to share."

Alex P. Worcester. UK (Rock, Punk, Metal guitarist)


All of these, and much more have and do happen when a guitar student has an understanding that rocks their world (in a good way!) shared with them…

This understanding is achieved by learning the most important guitar lesson of all time…


*Now that might sound a bit too easy or overly simplistic. But that’s the beauty of it!*

By simply having guided guitar practice sessions and lessons with me you’ll make more progress each month than you have on your own for ages!

Before you think you have to have to spend hours a day practicing mindless exercises, before you buy another guitar course or book, or before you search YouTube for the next video to help you (and hopefully not get too distracted from actually practicing), why not find out more about this new, exciting approach to learning metal guitar that I can show you that’s been an absolute game changer in helping people get “unstuck" and totally transform the way you think about practicing and your guitar playing right now...

"I started taking lessons with Jimmy as I wanted to improve my playing generally and get tighter.
I have improved a lot. My timing has got much better and my soloing and riffs have come on a long way.

A big thing for me is that my confidence has improved. Before I started taking lessons, I used to dread practicing as it didnt sound good. I thought about giving up...

Now, I’m  glad I didn’t!

Sam Dando, Southampton. UK (influences: Slipknot, Korn)



For me, two of the key ingredients Jimmy provides are Skills Coaching and Mentoring. The latter of these is often overlooked and undervalued, but, in terms of motivation it is indispensable.

Having face to face time with an expert, who takes a personal interest in your progress and achievement, is just not something you can’t  get from Youtube "


Martin D, Chandlers Ford. UK

Founder of Hampshire Guitar Club


There are three ways to work with me to help you become the guitar player you want to be:

Guitar Lessons in Southampton

Personal 1 on 1 guitar training. 

4x 90 min sessions per month: £205

2 x 90min sessions per month


4 x 45min sessions per month  £117

Remote Guitar Lessons

Learn from the comfort of your own home. I use Zoom for online guitar lessons. 

2 x 90 min sessions per month.

Send me recordings to review so that you can make even more progress.


Songwriting | Session Work

Price depends on length and complexity of project.

Need help with writing songs? Or if you'd like a guitar part or whole song created for your project, I am available for session work. Contact me for a chat...

Jimmy Kane Alford

Personal Guitar Trainer

"I started playing guitar way back in the early 1990's when I was about 14...(yes... I am that old haha)

The sole reason was to learn guitar enough so that I could join my friends' metal band and play a show at our school...which we did!

At 16, I went off to college to study for a Diploma in Popular Music Performance and, whilst getting my guitar grades, I continued to play gigs locally and around the UK...

Since my musical journey began, I have played all over the UK, in Europe and the US in bands where the styles have varied from Pop Rock to Death Metal!

From venues like The Joiners in Southampton to festival stages like Bloodstock, we've traveled, toured, recorded EPs/albums, received awards, been featured in the press, appeared on TV, been interviewed for rock radio stations, rubbed shoulders and shared stages of all sizes, supporting our heroes and peers from our favourite bands...

I consider myself a life-long learner of music.

In the early 2000's, whilst working in Education, I still practiced guitar every day. Studying with amazing teachers along the way as well as traveling to the US for further training in guitar teaching. 

I'm passionate about teaching guitar and helping people.

For over two decades now I've taught, trained, coached and mentored hundreds of people. I continue to teach guitar lessons in Southampton and to people around the world to this day with the focus on training my guitar students with everything they need to play the way they want...

From bedroom players, casual hobbyists, music-school students right through to professional musicians, I've had the honour and privilege to be a part of their musical journeys too. "

Jimmy Kane Alford

* Over 25 years experience working in Education and as a Professional Musician.
*Taught hundreds of people in Southampton and beyond to play guitar since 2011. 
*Extensive live experience since 1995 inc. tours of UK with shows in Europe and US.
*400+hours of voluntary work with music outreach organisations. (SOCO, WRS)
*Grade 8 Guitar. Grade 5 ABRSM Music Theory. Diploma in Music Performance.