Passion, intensity, burning desire and determination are among the traits any artist would say are essential to their longevity. Those who possess these qualities and have the mileage to have back it up can come back tenfold from any setback. What doesn’t kill you – makes you stronger.

These attributes when slammed with the integrity and focused aggression found in hardcore or metal make a potent combination! Add a dash of melody and clarity to the chaos and the result is that is a sound as beautiful as it is brutal.

Jimmy Alford is a guitarist, songwriter, guitar teacher from Southampton, UK who subscribes to those attitudes and beliefs.

He wears all his influences on his sleeve…Ranging from the heaviest, darkest Metal to catchy, Melodic Rock. 

For 28 years, he has played in bands with styles ranging from Pop, Rock, Hardcore and Metal that have toured the UK and beyond,  winning awards and appearing in rock press (Kerrang, Metal Hammer, Fireworks, Powerplay. )

Jimmy is currently teaching guitar lessons in Southampton and online as well as collaborating on other various musical projects. 

"I started playing guitar way back in the early 1990's when I was about 14...(yes... I am that old haha)

The sole reason was to learn guitar enough so that I could join my friends' metal band and play a show at our school...which we did!

At 16, I went off to college to study for a Diploma in Popular Music Performance and, whilst getting my guitar grades, I continued to play gigs locally and around the UK...

Since my musical journey began, I have played all over the UK, in Europe and the US in bands where the styles have varied from Pop Rock to Death Metal!

From venues like The Joiners in Southampton to festival stages like Bloodstock, we've traveled, toured, recorded EPs/albums, received awards, been featured in the press, appeared on TV, been interviewed for rock radio stations, rubbed shoulders and shared stages of all sizes, supporting our heroes and peers from our favourite bands...

I consider myself a life-long learner of music.

In the early 2000's, whilst working in Education, I still practiced guitar every day. Studying with amazing teachers along the way as well as traveling to the US for further training in guitar teaching. 

I'm passionate about teaching guitar and helping people.

For over two decades now I've taught, trained, coached and mentored hundreds of people. I continue to teach guitar lessons in Southampton and online to this day with the focus on training my guitar students with everything they need to play the way they want...

From bedroom players, casual hobbyists through to music students gaining their diplomas and degrees and even professional musicians, I've had the honour and privilege to be a part of their musical journeys. 

I also coach and mentor guys to get unstuck and create better, limitless lives for themselves. 

I live in Southampton, UK with my wife Jen and our cat ,Maya."


Jimmy Kane Alford

  • Over 25 years experience working in Education and as a Professional Musician.
  • Taught hundreds of people in Southampton and beyond to play guitar since 2011. 
  • Extensive live experience since 1995 inc. tours of UK with shows in Europe and US.
  • Years of voluntary work with music outreach organisations. (SOCO, WRS)
  • Grade 8 Guitar. Grade 5 ABRSM Music Theory. Diploma in Music Performance.