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Sorry (not sorry) to say... 

No one really cares about how fast you can sweep pick arpeggios.  

No one cares about how many BPM you can blaze up and down a scale at. 

No one's jaw's hitting the floor when you play those quick licks...

Those things don't actually impress anyone. 

Other than maybe 13 year old boys 

How I've managed to land a LOT of gigs in many bands and, more recently, recording work in studios, 

All comes down to GREAT TIMING.

By that I mean... literally putting myself in the right place, right time...

Also, in terms of…

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My first live show since 2018. 

I played my first gig of 2023 last Friday

It was a long old drive from Southampton to Stoke and back on the same day

To play just 30 mins of music to an almost empty venue,

Not earning enough money to even cover fuel costs

I was sweating like a turkey at Christmas in my mask and stage gear under the hot lights!

The onstage sound was the absolute worst I’ve experienced in almost 30 years of playing

I played the entire gig by muscle memory as the sound was soooo bad!

The sound out front wasn’t much better either…

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