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Sorry (not sorry) to say... 

No one really cares about how fast you can sweep pick arpeggios.  

No one cares about how many BPM you can blaze up and down a scale at. 

No one's jaw's hitting the floor when you play those quick licks...

Those things don't actually impress anyone. 

Other than maybe 13 year old boys 

How I've managed to land a LOT of gigs in many bands and, more recently, recording work in studios, 

All comes down to GREAT TIMING.

By that I mean... literally putting myself in the right place, right time...

Also, in terms of…

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What MOST YouTube Guitar "Teachers" Get Wrong 

Don't get me wrong...there are some GREAT guitar teachers on Youtube. 

However, as with anything on the inter-webs,

there's a lot of other stuff to sift through sometimes to get to the good stuff.

AND, I see some guitar teachers on Youtube who,

as good as their videos look and their playing may be...

They offer some "interesting" advice when it comes to learning guitar.  

Don't get me started....haha

Truth is, there are no magic pills or shortcuts to getting good on guitar. 

We DO have to put the time in 


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Phenomenal Fundamentals: Timing. 

The best players focus their guitar practice around phenomenal fundamentals.  

The foundation of ALL technique (not just rhythm guitar but lead stuff too)

is great timing.

​​​​​​​Yet it is often the least practiced skill I see when guys come for lessons. 

Some players know they need to work on building their awareness of timing,

which, of course is a skill that you can practice like any other.

One beat, bar, riff or song at a time! 

However, there are others that think timing will just take care of itself...


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